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"Spectrum Corporate and Flying Club!!!"

1585 Aviation Center Parkway, Suite 601, Daytona Beach, FL 32114


"We welcome you to join our Corporate and Flying Club!!!"

We've pioneered a unique membership program that's as flexible as your lifestyle!!!

One of the many advantages of joining our club includes the use of our club aircraft.

Many of our members take advantage of this benefit for both pleasure and business trips.



"Sky's the Limit"

Many destinations that our members fly to include Tallahassee, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Key West, and other destinations as far north as the Carolinas or further!!!

Many members find it convenient to be able to get both business associates and/or family groups to destinations difficult to reach through conventional travel means.

The bottom line is, as well as the social aspects of our club, we have tried to make programs that reflect the many needs of our members.




"Safe, Comfortable, Stylish, and Affordable!"

As you can see, we travel in comfort and style to wherever we need to or wish to go!! It's great!

One of the major reasons that this program is so cost effective is the fact that our pilot member, Captain Jim, is able to arrange and utilize our aircraft to its most efficient advantage.

Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards -- above and beyond what is considered adequate. Captain Jim, as well as being a well experienced Commercial Pilot, is also an Aircraft Mechanical Engineer, ensuring peace of mind for our members and their families!


"Call Captain Jim for membership information, pricing, and availability at 386-846-3674!!"
or send an email to: dasogre@aol.com