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Flight Training

As many of you know, and some of you who may not, good flight training has become very difficult to find. We, here at the Spectrum Flying Club, have pioneered new techniques and through our organization we produce some of the finest pilots that are available both in the commercial and private sector. Here, at the Spectrum Flying Club, you will not pay one single penny more than you need to achieve all of your flying goals!! Over the years we have fine tuned our training methods through many different environments. This has allowed us to remain both competitive and realistic in our training costs to you, our future pilots. Our prices reflect a realistic amount that you need to pay to achieve whichever license that you enroll for.

Many partially trained pilots come to us with tales of their bitter experience at other flight schools. The most common complaint being that they were quoted one price, and in many cases that original price had doubled or tripled. We have a 100% satisfaction rate with all of our students that have come to us for training to this day. Here at the Spectrum Flying Club, the "Student Mandate" is the first priority. This means that each student will get the attention that they desire and need to successfully finish each of our programs with a minimal cost and maximum professional achievement.

Not only do we produce a highly skilled and qualified pilot, but we pride ourselves in also producing pilots that have good aviation judgment and common sense characteristics. We are here to fully inform you of not only your costs but of the way to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. Since the cost of flight training may be a bit ambiguous due to the different learning skills of each student, we have tried to take the average so that we come up with a more realistic pricing structure. Please review whichever course that you may be interested in and then call us or come on in to discuss your particular individual needs as they may apply to your aviation career.

We invite you to check out as many flight schools as possible and then come in and see us and we will be happy to review the costs of their flight training in comparison to ours. Many, many times we are able to show the prospective student that the prices that they have received from other flight schools are not a realistic reflection of the true costs involved. Be aware that many flight schools have hidden fees. For example: fuel surcharges, unrealistic hour requirements, non-refundable deposits or at the very least deposits that will be charged a fee for being refunded. Having done aviation seminars at many Universities all over the world since 1992 these have been some of the most common complaints that I've heard.

You will not suffer any of these issues here at the Spectrum Flying Club!!

In summary, whether you are planning a professional career, or just flying for just fun and pleasure we know that there is not better place for you to train that right here at the Spectrum Flying Club.

Sincerely yours,
Captain James A Campbell
President Spectrum Corporate and Flying Club


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